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Depression Masking as Dementia

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Treatment for Depression Can Cure: That is the Main Difference Between Depression and Dementia

One important difference between Alzheimer’s and depression is in the effectiveness of treatment. While Alzheimer’s drugs can only slow the progression of cognitive decline, medications to treat depression can improve a person’s quality of life dramatically.

This Mayo Clinic article provides information about both disorders and links to other helpful sites.

Is it Depression or Dementia?

Article from explains the similarities and differences between depression and dementia.

Depression vs. Dementia in the Elderly explains how to differentiate between depression and dementia by outlining the symptoms; also offers treatment options.

How is Depression in the Elderly Different from Dementia? article offers information useful in differentiating depression from dementia in older adults.

Efficient Identification of Adults with Depression and Dementia

Technical, medical journal article from the American Family Physician investigates how family physicians effectively screen depression or dementia cases in older adults. Screening tools included.

Depression Fact Sheet

This fact sheet looks at depression and how it can affect people with dementia, along with suggesting ways to help, courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Society.

National Library of Medicine Search Service

The link for free access to Medline search, the National Library of Medicine’s search service that provides access to over 11 million articles.

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